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    posted on reddit....

    I didn't realize you could run a windows emulator on the pre

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    it might be a sign to stop
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    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    does your Pre have a DVD player? Lol

    but seriously, I remember seeing this a while ago on PreCentral. It's not a real virus, just an some company trying to trick you into buying its product.
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    i was joking kids
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    hahah its real. I get them all the time on my linux machine, its funny when it pops up and starts scanning my files(that dont exist), stupid pops up trying to install spyware. they would never harm the pre or any linux machine but they are in fact real.
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    ha. Funny thing is I download alot of mp3s and actually got this exact screen. What's not so funny is it put a trojan on my /downloads folder. I'm going to assume it was because of the patch allowing me to download files through the browser and my fat fingers running across the icon.

    I still have the file on my Pre. When I copied everything to my pc/win desktop and ran my usual virus/ad ware checker, (Norton to be exact) it poped up. I went back to my Pre (cause I copy everything over to play from desktop or pre) I found the exe sitting in downloads next buried in my downloads folder.

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