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    Has anyone else had trouble removing their battery?

    Mine was so tight that when I tried to use the tab thing, it ripped the entire sticker-type piece out from under there. Is there another way to remove it? It's like you can't get under it.
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    Check out this similar thread.

    It's touchy. If you feel like you're about to break something, stop, then rethink your approach. Sorry to hear the tab ripped off.
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    Yeah, pull DOWN, not out....
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    Tried pulling down even. I have two Pre's. On one it comes out fine, on the other it's like I couldn't pry it out with a screwdriver.
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    I had that problem to. I think it is part of their fix to stop the phone from turning off when you close the slider. I had to take mine out and stopped when I felt like I was going to break something. I just took it back the Best Buy and made them do it. I have no problem getting it out now since the first time.

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