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    Can the Pre's settings be tweeked to allow for internet access in non EVDO coverage areas? I live in a great EVDO coverage area but spend a lot of time in rural areas that show me as roaming and get no data service. I had a Centro prior to the Pre and was able to use my data service pretty much anywhere I had cell reception. Sorry if this is an old question but i couldn't find anything that seemed to touch on it in the threads.
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    No tweak needed. Should work as it is. Just make sure you have data roaming turned on. Dialer => Menu => Preferences => Data Roaming - choose enabled
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    try enabling data roaming in the phone preferences
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    Thanks guys, I knew it had to be something stupid but couldn't come up with it.
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    Given the "free roaming" that you get with Sprint it's kind of annoying they don't enable that by default.

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