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    Quote Originally Posted by immaslave4u View Post
    palm pre owners will be able to upgrade their phones w/ a discount in 7 months and i'm curious to know if anyone has any idea yet if they'll be switching or staying with their current palm pre. Anyone aware of any "hot new phones" coming to sprint in june/july '10?
    the pre
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    Sorry if it's already been said, but does the discount cover the subsidization cost? For instance, say a phone I want is $500 unsubsidized, $200 subsidized, how much will I have to pay for the new phone?
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    hopefully the successor to the Pre!
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    I want a webos device with a 4inch screen 2000mah battery 1ghz processor, Amoled screen and webos 2.0
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    Whatever seems to be the most useful to me at the time. The way things move in the smart phone world its just too difficult to say. That been said if Palm pull an Apple and just update the OS and leave the hardware relatively untouched, read keep the chip but have it run at 600mhz) then it'll probably be a 1 Ghz Snapdragon device.
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    Quote Originally Posted by neopre2009 View Post
    Another webOS phone? you mean the pixi or are there others planned?
    You can bet there are others planned. I think Palm has learned their corporate lesson that in the game they're playing, if you can buy it now, it's obsolete. They are most certainly working on new devices now.
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    Quote Originally Posted by fwinst View Post
    I had one of the shoe phones. I didn't like the build quality. Instead of using fine Italian leather, they had it made in China, and after a couple months of heavy use, the sole would no longer stay on. The battery was not replaceable by the owner, and to add insult to injury, you had to pay extra for the matching shoe!!
    Not only that, there were rumors that it would come in other colors, with a device designed for "Agent 99" types as well. Sole (the company that made them) never lived up to the artificial hype, so I won't buy from them anymore.
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    Quote Originally Posted by balderson View Post
    Sorry if it's already been said, but does the discount cover the subsidization cost? For instance, say a phone I want is $500 unsubsidized, $200 subsidized, how much will I have to pay for the new phone?
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    I would upgrade immediately to another WebOS phone if they can make one with no oreo effect and it doesn't feel has cheap as the way I felt when they dropped the price 2 months after I bought it.

    i love my pre, but i hate how cheap my phone feels and all the quirks that come with it.

    Palm has lost me when it comes to updates for WebOS...the dev community is the only thing keeping me strapped to this Pre....I love WebOS and you guys are making it better with every tweak while Palm sits things we asked for months ago....Thank you Devs!
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    I'm about 110% sure I will not have a Pre at the 12 month mark, exchanging the phone every other month because the build quality is so poor has put me off of the Pre cycle. I'm not hard on the phone, if anything I baby the damn thing since its such a piece of crap.

    A WebOS phone, I could go for that. Pre, no, WebOS, yes.

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    iphone as soon sprint caries it
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    I have no intention on upgrading so quickly but I have to say that Palm will have ahard time retaining me as a customer because at this point the crappy hardware has ruined my appreciation for such a nice OS. Battery life, reboots, speed, flimsy plastics and poor build quality is tough to get over so I could easily see myself taking a gamble on the hot Android phone of 2010.

    the thing that really stinks is our pre won't even be usable as a media device once we disconnect service. So I'm not investing in apps because when we switch it out then the phone we paid for is a paperweight.
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    I am waiting for the HTC HD2.
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    I'm letting my contract run out, thus I will be depending on Palm's updates to WebOS, which in itself will make my current Pre a fully functional device. I have patience. Once my contract is up, I'll be in the market for the flagship WebOS device (as long as it has a physical keyboard), which could possibly be the 3rd generation Pre or a Treo (with WebOS), or get a 2nd generation Pre on the cheap.
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    probably the newest android. unless palm start releasing major upgrades fast
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    I'll be eligible next July...My hope is that I'll want to upgrade to a newer-generation WebOS device. But that depends on how well WebOS fleshes out, plus what is put into the new-generation phone.

    If there isn't a new-generation Pre, or if I am gun shy of it because of dissatisfaction with WebOS or a very lame upgrade, I'll have to survey what is out there on Sprint (I'll still be contracted to Sprint for a year after that). Strong contenders would be the latest Android device, or even the latest generation iPhone.
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    I've already switched to using an N900 as my primary phone. I was supposed to give it back to a colleague two days ago, and am running out of excuses, so it's back to using the Pre until Nokia gets around to shipping the first retail batch.

    Having a full, uncrippled Linux OS at your fingertips is an unbelievable experience. Getting eight hours of heavy use out of a device not much larger than the Pre is liberating. I'm a Maemo convert.
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    Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10
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