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    Probably going to look into the latest android and webos product and compare. I am falling in love with android + htc more and more, they will probably be my prime target.
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    Android + 1ghz Snapdragon. Hell, I'd even go with WM + 1ghz Snapdragon. I'm done with WebOS.
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    Palm Pre. (Hey, not all of us bought it on launch day. I just got mine a month ago. Next October, though... who knows?)

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    Still Palm Pre for me.
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    I just got a new plan with Sprint for the Pre (previously a Verizon customer), and they said my first upgrade will be at 18 months, and then once a year after that.
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    Hoping to see WebOS evolve into a competitive platform with better hardware. I mainly want a 3.5-3.7" LCD and my full keyboard. Worldwide Capabilities and expandable storage would be awesome but at that point, I'm asking for too much :P
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    Android or another WebOS phone. Which ever one is first to have a dual 3g/4g radio. Sprint said they were planning on 4g phones for next year so I am going to be all over that.
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    I have only had my Pre for 2 weeks , so i will still have my Pre.

    Another webOS phone? you mean the pixi or are there others planned?
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    I think I want the HD2 with winmo 7.....I think microsoft has something up there sleeve.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ryleyinstl View Post
    Shoe phone for me....

    I had one of the shoe phones. I didn't like the build quality. Instead of using fine Italian leather, they had it made in China, and after a couple months of heavy use, the sole would no longer stay on. The battery was not replaceable by the owner, and to add insult to injury, you had to pay extra for the matching shoe!!
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    Exactly at the 1 year mark I will be getting the cheapest phone I can with the highest resale value and selling it to cover the cost of my ETF. I want to go back to GSM, I miss having a wide range of devices available.

    Of course, if Palm is awake they may time the release of Pre2 to coincide with that time frame and I might get hooked again...
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    I see myself with a pre or the Pre 2 I personally love my pre and really would not switch. I saw the Tmobile Mytouch with android and the one for the V, and something about the OS for the andriod that just feels "clunky" it's not as smooth and easy to use as the pre... I find the Pre interface very well thought out. Android seems like it has had a "techie" design to it. But that'sjust me. Until something comes out with a better interface with the o/s then the WebOS I am not switching... :P
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    I am with Mike. I will be going with the Dragon if it has two finger touch capability. The lack of such a feature made the Droid lose favor with me. If neither allows 2 finger touch, I will head for the Hero as it eventually will be running Android 2.0.

    I am soooooo thankful for this site to make me a much more weary phone buyer. I almost ate the bone on the Pre just because of some simple features like the cards. After seeing the bugs still there that I expected gone by the time my contract ran out (month ago) has made my faith in Palm questionable.

    TY fellas. You guys are better than the gadget show with the honesty. I am still just waiting to find the phone I need so I can toss this dam iPhone into the river.
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    Treo Pro for another year.
    My Phone & My Wife's Phone Two Unlocked GSM Treo Pro's

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    the pre 2
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    Will be going to the Palm Pre 4G next June w/ 4 inch screen and 64GB with removeable storage, and it will be a World phone with both GSM and CDMA with sim card included. The battery life will be 5 days of heavy use. By then WebOS will be 3.0 and it will do anything I want to do.

    Droid - no 2 finger pinch
    Hero - no 16 bit color screen compared to Pre 32 million.
    iPhone - 4 never again
    Dragon - maybe if it is on Sprint
    Microsoft - never
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    I will stay with the pre and have no plans to move to another platform outside of webOS. I haven't had any of the problems that some of the more vocal folks on this board have experienced and see a bright future for the platform.
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    I wonder when the 'Pre 2' is gonna be available. I'd definitely be interested in checking it out. Until then, I still love my Pre that I have now.
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    If there's a Pre2. Otherwise, if Sprint has an Android with a capacitive screen & physical kb, I'd consider it.
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    pre or pre2 most is a possibility tho i will definately check it out again...
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