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    Im really annoyed with palm. When I first got my pre the exchange e-mail worked fine on 1.1.2 web OS, im european so i think in the US it would be 1.2.1 web OS but since the upgrade to 1.1.3 over the weekend the e-mail has stopped working stating the certificate is not valid or date and time settings are wrong. The main reason i bought the phone was for e-mail use and now it doesnt even work.

    Are plam likely to resolve this in the next web OS update? Im at university so i cant go asking for certificates so i dont have the option of a work around.
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    I believe 1.2 did resolve some email issues. I would expect 1.3 to fix some things for you, but that may not come for another few weeks.

    This was discussed a lot way back when. There are probably some good threads here that might help you work around your situation. Palm's support forum may also have some good info.

    But I wouldn't hesitate to call customer service and let them know of the problem.
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