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    Went back to Wal-Mart last night to exchange my original Pre bought 10 days ago.

    The build quality was not that good and the screen was giving a weird halo effect on both sides.

    Anyways, the Wal-Mart lady pulled a brand-new spanking one out of her inventory for the exchange.

    I think that it really depends on where you go.
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    For people saying they are are on their 6th or their 8th bring up the multiple exchange policy next time you are in for an issue if you are in the store again and make them give you a new one like they should have multiple swaps ago.
    If this 9th one is not a new one and has problems I will definitely be trying to do this.
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    Both times I've gone through Asurion (Sprint's insurance provider), they've sent me new models. (First replacement was due to my own idiocy, the second was for the battery issue where sliding the keyboard open or closed killed the power - turns out it was an issue with just the battery, but they insisted on replacing the whole phone.)

    What's wacky is that because of Asurion insisting on not putting the old phone's battery in the envelope with the old phone, but the replacements being totally new phones with everything in the box a new phone comes with (including a battery and a charger), I have gotten two free spare batteries out of the deal (although one is a little loose and will kill power if the keyboard is closed too hard, and the other causes some weird random crashes...).
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