Been using the Palm Pre for five days now. All I can say is WOW!! My last phone was a BB and I consider this a huge upgrade. Can't wait for the next OS update and more apps to hit the market.

Also, BIGUPS to the Homebrew community for putting time and effort into all the applications and patches.

I almost chose the HTC Hero and am glad I picked the Pre, WebOS and synergy seems more refined. I didn't like all the widgets/pages on the Hero, I felt like it was too much clutter. Could have also went the iphone route(been a mac user for a long time), but can't stand AT&T cell service. Sure there are like a million apps, but only really need/use 10-15 apps. As far as HD space, 8GB is good enough for me.

As far as battery life, wish it could be better, but a spare battery should solve that issue. I think I have a slight Oreo affect, but I'll probably exchange before my 30 days is up. No issues with lag on the phone and I always keep 3-5 cards open all the time.

Favorite apps so far -
Where - Covers weather, news, yelp, movies and yellowpages.
Tweed for Twitter
MyQ for Netflix
Pixelpipe for uploading photos to various online accounts
Radio Hibiki Lite for my shoutcast links
Evernote - Use this as my notepad/tasks/shopping list app. I generate my lists on the mac and it automatically syncs with with Pre.

Wishlist -
Sports app like SportsTap or Scoremobile
Ability to delete apps that are standard with the phone. I know I'll never use apps like Nascar or SprintTV.
Hopefully a FB app with next OS update.