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    I don't know if it was after I installed some stuff patches via preware... but I no longer get any notifications for my incoming SMS. I have notifications turned on in the settings, but it won't notify me regardless of if its in silent mode (w/ vibrate enabled) or normal.
    The screen doesn't even turn on like it used to... I don't find out I have a text until I wake up the phone and it has the little note on the bottom saying that I have a text.
    Anybody had this problem? I can't find any related forum threads on this.

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    I have no idea why it would not be at least turning the screen on. Did you install the SMS Tone Per Contact patch? If so, you need to go into Sounds and Ringtones and specifically choose a sound for text notifications.

    If that doesn't work/doesn't apply, then run Emergency Patch Removal and reboot. If it works after that, then re-apply the patches one-by-one.

    BTW I recommend installing patches one or two at a time, then go a day or so and see if anything breaks. Makes troubleshooting a LOT easier.

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