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    That's a recipe for a niche geek phone not a successful consumer product - I can't believe that the official internal policy or they expect that to appeal to anyone but a very small audience. How many people are home-brewing? 5%? 10%?
    But it is a very productive 5%-10% who are homebrewing? It's a shame that Palm don't facilitate access to Pre for that sector of the market in GSM land.

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    Palm couldn't just take other people's code and add it into their WebOS builds - that's IPR theft (depending on how individual people are licensing their patches) and a legal minefield that no sensible company would touch with a twelve-foot pole.
    Yes they could. It is a condition of submission of the patch that you agree that anybody, including Palm, can use it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by windzilla View Post
    didn't they already do this with swipe down menus?

    I think they did, so I also think you aren't correct about poles and property, at least not entierly.
    Their swipe menus is actually different from the old patch was. The old patch actually brought down the menu when you started to swipe down, the way they did it has it bring down the menu after you lift your finger from the swipe.
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    Palm reps sure are in Sprint stores a lot.
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    Regarding LED notifications and other commented out bits of functionality, it's likely that either it wasn't finished prior to release or there was a problem discovered in testing, and commented out for later revision. Palm is not "hiding" functionality just so we can find it (at least, I don't think so).
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    Quote Originally Posted by tdavey View Post
    Sorry to be unaware. What is scion?

    A POS cheap brand of ugly, horribly styled cartoon effigy's pretending to be automobiles.

    I'm disappointed to hear that a Palm rep made an analogy comparing a Pre to a Scion.
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