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    Can anyone else shed some light on my situation? I really love the Pre and do not want to abandon my Pre but it leaves me no choice!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by rlcardenas View Post
    Alright...I am on my third phone and the same problem. Every Sunday sometime during the night my phone starts to toggle between "Phone Offline" and the Sprint wording on the upper left hand corner. This causing the battery to go out quick, within an hour or two. I got my new phone and created a new profile to insure this was not the issue.

    First I thought it was an issue with patching but after getting my third phone I have determined that its not, not sure what it could be anymore. I am about to give up on this phone and go back to my old Moto Q, I know not the best thing to do but I dont know what else to do. Sprint will not give me another phone I have tried.

    I also thought that it could be the weak signal at my home but it happened to me last week when I was out of town in Austin Texas. I have tried restarting the phone several times but it will not fix the problem. I have to put the phone in Airplane mode to keep it from eating up my battery and acturally making the phone usable on Sundays.

    It seems like there is an application in the background that is constantly crashing and recovering...hence the hot phone and the offline mode. What else can I do to try and fix this problem...I LOVE MY PRE but this just sucks and I can not continue to deal with this problem. Does anyone else have this problem or had this problem and fixed it? I can not be the only one with this problem.
    you must have T-mobile!!!
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    I am so glad that the thanks button is too my right
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    I am dreading Sunday. I wonder if I should remove my exchange sync tonight before I go to bed to see if that is what is truely causing these issues?
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    hey guys,

    im having a similar issue, but mine isnt related to sundays. after installing preware, my phone suffers from the "phone offline" problem. nothing seems to prompt it to go into phone offline, it just happens periodically. also, ive found that at times (including times when the phone is "online"), the pre is unable to load my contacts (the app will launch with a blank white page) and the messaging app will not open at all. lastly, when trying to make calls, i must dial the actual number since contacts are not available. when dialing the number, the phone is not able to tie to a contact (even though the number matches exactly) or display the contact's name when the call goes through.

    ive webOS doctored the phone, hard reset, multiple times and everytime ive installed preware (whether through the standalone installer or QI [or even if ive just tweaked the phone through QI]), the problem returns. this last time, after hard resetting my phone and webOS doctoring it, i imported the same palm profile (which inluded google contacts, calendar, email), and did not install preware. i now have absolutely no signs of the issue. it seems that the problem is preware/package manager service related.

    as a side note, i use a airave at home. i dont know if that has anything to do with the issue, but i can confirm that the phone has gone "offline" while outside the house (i.e. not using the airave).

    i really love the functionality that preware/QI provide, so this problem really sucks. if anyone has experienced this issue, or has any suggestions, i would love to hear them. at this point, ive tried everything i can think of. thanks for your help.
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    I can say that for me, the issue was NOT preware related. It definitely had something to do with my Exchange account. I have not seen the issue since I webOS doctored.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SoyleMycelf View Post
    I can say that for me, the issue was NOT preware related. It definitely had something to do with my Exchange account. I have not seen the issue since I webOS doctored.
    Once you have doctored the phone did you re-engage your Exchange sync?
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    I went ahead and turned off my phone, when I powered it up I didnt have any problems at all. But after around 10 minutes or so I decided to go and sync my phone with Email. And the problem came back! After an hour or so it went away! I guess this is the first Sunday that the phone decided to not be hosed all day!!! It has issues with Exchange...has to be some bug! I have no idea of what it could be but I am going to ask my friend at work to see how his phone is setup.
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