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    I do not have a Palm Pre so I cannot test this myself. Is it possible to put the wifi interface in RFMON mode? Ex: iwconfig wifi0 mode monitor
    root is probably required to do this as it is usually required on a laptop.

    Is it possible to compile and use this code to inject packets and sniff packets on the wireless interface? Please msg me if you are interested for the links as I do not have enough posts to put links here. These code snippets are on Google Docs. I found them on Google with a search for "android rfmon mode". There's a link called "Re:How to put android/debian tiwlan0 in monitor mo ..." that goes to AndroidFanatic web site and there are links on that page for the 2 code snippets.

    These code snippets can be compiled with:
    gcc sniffer.c -o sniffer
    gcc injector.c -o injector

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    Many have tried but none has been successful yet.

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