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    Here are my thoughts about the Pre after using it for 4 weeks.

    I am what I would call an average user with some technical knowledge. This is my first "smart" phone. My job has me in my work vehicle for 12-14 hours a day during the week. I am in South-Western Ontario, Canada on the Bell Mobility network.

    Most of what I would say has already been said over and over again. I will list my top things here.

    -Internet in my pocket is excellent and very useful.
    -The Pre is now my only device since it does everything I want.
    -I would rate Bell's physical network as 9 out of 10 for coverage.
    -Great community for apps, patches, and hacks.
    -Not Apple. (OMG I dislike Apple's "Our way or nothing.")

    -No native MSN Live Messenger support! (The hack is flakey for me...)
    +-This is the only IM client I use and was one of the things I bought the phone for...

    -OS can get fairly clunky (Use the hardware Palm! GPU?)
    -Phone sometimes feels like it is stilll in beta.
    +-...which is why there is such a big community for patches and hacks.

    -Bell has no "extras" like Nav, TV, etc.
    +-Nav was one of the things I bought the phone for...
    +-I don't expect TV since I really don't think Bell's network could handle it.

    -When connected to my stereo and there is an incomming call it tries to use the wired stereo for the call instead of the connected bluetooth headset. There should be an option for that.
    -Build quality is average. I have a small amount of play when it is closed. This is a premium phone and should reflect that.

    -Mobile charger only works if every card is closed and the phone is sitting there idle. Otherwise it doesn't notice if you plug it in. (It is a Bell branded charger meant for Palm devices and I know the data lines are open with no connection to them)

    So in conclusion I feel the Pre is a great device. I use it for browsing, playing and streaming music (Thank you Ampache Mobile and SHOUTcast!), watching the odd video file, news and weather. I know Palm is supposedly "working on it" as far as some of these issues I have. It feels to me that they did the usual rush to the market and we'll fix it as it goes thing that happens so much anymore. I don't mind doing some hacking and such to get things the way I like them. Having WebOS is a big part of that.

    I didn't say anything about the battery life since I am not sure what I should expect from it on something like this. I have mobile chargers in my personal and work vehicle and keep it plugged in if I am using it for media. I would never be able to get through a day on one charge since it is my media player as well as everything else.

    I would give this phone 8.5/10.
    No MSN Live is -0.5. Build quality is -1.
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    Have you try " UWATCH " I have been watching latest good quality movies on the Pre and my iphone 3G.It's a dependable site,pay a donation of $20.00 that's what i did and off you go. I am in BC. and my biggest gripe with Bell is "paid apps". Btw, my pre is more User friendly (lay- man- term) than the Iphone 3g.The Pre is only few mths old on the market (mine is 4 week and i like it more than the iphone 3g of 9mths)If you like games then the iphone is top which i don't. I like to browse the internet and the Pre is like my mini netbook.
    Have you tried to use the iphone on call and look at your E-mail,open the weather app the same time?
    Give palm some times, it will be a very good smartphone and let me know how's turn out? Good luck.

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