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    you could be right, but none of my treos ever failed to change the time correctly, also on sprint.
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    Quote Originally Posted by meyerweb View Post
    you could be right, but none of my treos ever failed to change the time correctly, also on sprint.
    Here's another oddity: the timestamps on people's posts in the forums are still on DST (an hour ahead). My Pre has the correct time, but it appears that PreCentral's servers might not have the right time.

    Anybody else notice this?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Longstrider View Post
    Not only did my alarm not go off, but the Pre was frozen. I could not get the screen on and thought that the battery had drained. But it had not. I soon realized that it was taking about 40 seconds for the phone to preform any gesture or button push. When the Pre finally did light up, there was a too many cards icon in the alert area... but there was not one card open. Perhaps it was simply coincidence, but I am hoping that it was related to day light savings time. Battery life is the biggest issue I have had with the phone, but if what happened last night becomes common or recurring, well obviously, the Pre will have to be go... and I will be sad.
    Same here. My Pre frozen at 2:54 central with too many card message. I took out the battery and rebooted it. So far so good. I think it is daylight saving related. I wish there is no daylight saving anymore in this day and age. It is so much hassle for developers to deal with this
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    mine did something did adjust for daylight savings time, but the date was changed to dec 31st, 2009!

    Palm Pre (Sprint)
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    Mine was two hours earlier, did a restart, and all was fine.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jtlapp View Post
    The Pre got DST wrong. Fell back 2 hours, not one.

    Seems my time zone changed too. Went from Central to Mountain.

    Now I have to figure out how to set the time zone...

    Ditto. Fell back a timezone and an hour = two hours fallen back.

    Manually set the timezone then set the "Network time zone" to "ON". Checked about an hour later and it's now reading the correct timezone.

    Not too surprising really - brand spanking new OS handling an event for the first time. We've called these the "gotchas" when rolling out a new device or web-based medical case forwarding system for full-time use.
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    All went without a glitch on mine. One month old Pre on Bell network.
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    Mine managed the switch fine. Stayed on eastern time and dropped back an hour some time while I was sleeping last night. I didn't set any alarms so I don't know how that would have played out.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jtlapp View Post
    The Pre got DST wrong. Fell back 2 hours, not one.

    Seems my time zone changed too. Went from Central to Mountain.

    Now I have to figure out how to set the time zone...

    I am pretty sure this is a SPRINT problem. My wife has an HTC Touch and it went back 2 hours.
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    My timechange went fine and my daily alarm to wake me up worked perfect.

    My calendar shows my appointments at the right time, however all myh appointment alarms are going off and hour for Sunday School at 9am, the alarm went off at 7:45 when it should have gone off at 8:45...

    any ideas?
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    Went to sleep in Milwaukee, woke up in Denver. Been a while since that happened.
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    My alarm that was set to off was changed to on and woke me up. Have not used that morning alarm for a month, been set to off all that time. Daylight savings changed the setting to on. Sunday, did not want to be woken up that early.
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    Clock changed correctly; however, all of my calendar events were moved up an hour? Anyone else experience this?
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    Two Palm Pres on Sprint in our household.

    My wife's Pre reset to one Time Zone west (Los Angeles --> Anchorage) and did the DST--> standard switch resulting in 2h change. She was not on Anchorage time yesterday or ever.

    My Pre did the time change fine and was on Los Angeles this morning.

    I am trying to understand what the bottom Network Time Zone switch. The function of the Network Time switch seems clear. It grabs the current time off the local Sprint network to which the phone is connected. So, if you fly from LAX to JFK and turn your phone on it shows the local time.

    What the Network time zone switch does baffles me. If I switch the time zone with the Switch off it changes the time displays on the phone in the predictable way. When I turn the Network time zone switch on it says "Waiting for time ...Los Angeles, United States of America (PST)" and never gets beyond waiting***. Time remains correct. When said switch is set to off then time zone reads "Los Angeles, United States of America (PST)" and again time is correct. What does this Network time zone switch do, if anything.

    I wonder if the setting of the Network time zone switch explains the discrepancy between my wife and my experience and those of others ?

    The HELP tab info on the Pre for Date and Time is worthless. I Googled Date and Time (with Sprint, webOS, Palm Pre etc) and also found nothing.

    *** OK, After a reset this Waiting message is gone, switch is on and time zone is set to LA.
    *** So, I am guessing that Network Time Zone switch ON allows the phone to determine the time zone from the network in addition to the time only ???
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    Mine changed perfectly.
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    mine was also two hours off. Did a soft reset and now its fine.
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    all my treos needed a reboot to get correct time after a time change. So I assumed the Pre would need a reboot as well. However, waking up this morning and saying good morning to my Pre, it would seem that the Pre did it all by itself and showed the correct time. My set alarm went off correctly also. Then I went ahead and rebooted just to assure myself, and it still reported the correct time and time zone (I'm in PST). Just checked my calendar - all seems normal including future appts.

    BTW, I would advise a reboot for everyone having abnormalities due to time change.
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    Figured out my problem - Network Time Zone was Phoenix AZ MST. Arizona doesn't follow DST - my time was correct but my calendar wasn't.
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    It's likely coincidence, but I woke up to a "ding dong" notifying me that the battery had died on the Pre overnight while it was on the touchstone. It was also in offline mode. Swapped out the battery with the spare, got EV back and ran battery monitor and found it draining at a little over 15%. Lag, lag and more lag. LED notifications were set to off. Somehow, GPS was set to on (I never leave it on). The time change was correct, though
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    Quote Originally Posted by jhoff80 View Post
    My Pre automatically changed it's own clock at 2am->1am, as it was supposed to. That's more than I can say about my Treos.
    Mine too! 1:59 --> 1:00.

    I enjoyed seeing that.
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