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    alright. so i have been adoring the pre for a long time now, and i am finally able to get the phone tomarrow. but i have some concernes that are giving me second thoughts. i keep wondering if there is gonna be something soon and better then the pre (not the freaking pixi) and another thing is that the whole 4g thing coming out. i cant decide if its worth getting even know its still the phone of my dreams. so can anyone share their ideas on the whole pre2 and 4g situations. thanks
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    I wouldn't hold your breath for newer, better hardware. The Pre is likely the marauee WebOs phone for the near (6 months-1 year). You won't regret getting the Pre.
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    It's always a choice. Your new PC will be behind the times in 6mos. Lol Just bite the bullet. 4G devices are not out nor will they be out within the next 6mos. The 4G networks are just rolling out in the US.
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    If you hold out for the latest and greatest you'll never get anything. I moved to the pre a month ago from AT&T. I've not had any of the issues that so many of the complainers have had - no build problems, no battery issues - generous amount of web, on and off the phone and usually deal with about 100 emails a day, pull it off the touchstone at 8:00 am put it back at 9:00 pm with about 30% left and I can live with the PIM issues. Are there improvements to be made? Yes. Are they a reason for the anger and the BS that seems to fill this board? No, at least not in my opinion.
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    Here's my $.02. If you can look past the hardware bashing and know that in the near future, Palm is going to enable features not being utilized, it's a great device and platform.

    Although you read a lot of people complain about the hardware build (notably the "oero" effect which is only present in the CLOSED position) this DOES NOT AFFECT THE PERFORMANCE of this device. It's merely an annoyance or other-phone comparison. I've had my Pre since launch and it's just fine...has a little 'oreo', sure, but it's in my pocket all day, in my gym shorts while working out and in my back pocket mowing the's just fine.

    Some things to look forward to that are not turned on yet are GPU acceleration/performance stepping. It looks like the Pre will be using the same graphics method as the iPhone (openGL). Both the Pre and Pixi are capable and have the hardware...just not being used yet. Palm just recently hierd AMD's ATI linux graphics manager to implement the feature. Ultimately it should provide for smoother on-screen graphics, advanced games and possibly an overall performance bump by offloading some CPU processing to the GPU.

    Another feature is the speed and power stepping. The Pre in under-clocked at the moment, using only 500 of 600 available Mhz. The TI processor is capable of adjusting it's CPU speed (and voltage I believe). There's potential for the Pre to cut battery demand in more than 1/2 when in sleep mode and provide full 600Mhz while under load.
    Other things like Flash and Video recording are still to come.

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