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    So I was enjoying the internet on my pre while on the pooper, and I set it down to wipe myself. Next thing I know, the Pre hits the floor with a thud. "Oh ******," I say, unaware of the small pun.

    The damage? When I first picked it up after it hit the ground about where the power button is, the screen was going wild with a green tinge and a lot of flashing and wavy video. I turned it off and waited like 5 min, and it suddenly came back up and seemed to be working fine.

    Or so I thought. Just half an hour ago the screen died completely, with no warning. I get a text message and I pull it out and I can't see anything. No touch screen, no screen at all. Sound still works, and the phone was still doing things... until I turned it off a min ago, I think. Hard to tell with no screen.

    I'm taking the thing to a service center tomorrow to find out if that protection plan I'm paying 8 bucks for is actually worth it. But I'm scared, and this is where you guys come in. If they tell me I need to replace my phone, well, I want it exactly like this one. I have some homebrew apps, I have some pictures and music and contacts and messages... I really don't want to start all over, if I can avoid it.

    So my question is: I know I can get the data off the phone. I enabled developer mode a couple weeks ago because after reading this forum I decided it'd be a great idea in case of this very situation. My question is, HOW? If the phone is off, will plugging it in turn it on? If it's on, how do I access the hidden partition so I can copy everything over? When I get my new phone (if it's required), will it be easy to flash the phone over to be basically a copy of my current one?

    I appreciate you taking the time to read this, and thanks in advance for any advice. You guys are awesome.
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    get a new phone, reinstall your homebrew.

    you will need to start from scratch.

    in the mean time, copy your photos on to your pc for a backup
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    it's working now, somehow. Dunno for how long though.

    Are you sure there's no way to access the hidden partition to get the data from it?

    Should I run WebOS doctor before taking my phone to the service center? I don't plan on telling them I dropped it.

    Will WebOS doctor remove contacts and such?

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