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    So, I originally Rooted my Pre when I was running a MAC Mini, switched to an iMAC, and now, am on a mini again. I've successfully rooted the Pre on both systems. But, now, I can't get it to Root. The mini has been fully re-imaged, so I had to reload the novaterm software. Here's what happens:

    Last login: Sat Oct 31 14:48:29 on console
    Welcome to Darwin!
    static-66-173-138-156:~ gedansky$ cd /opt/nova/bin
    static-66-173-138-156:/opt/nova/bin gedansky$ ./novaterm
    ./novaterm: line 2: /opt/nova/bin/novacom: cannot execute binary file
    ./novaterm: line 2: /opt/nova/bin/novacom: Unknown error: 0
    static-66-173-138-156:/opt/nova/bin gedansky$

    once I type in cd /opt/nova/bin (enter)

    then ./novaterm (enter), it should show as rooted. I do have the latest version of Java installed, so it should work fine. What gives?
    Any insight?
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    Quote Originally Posted by special_k View Post
    Thanks for the reply. The link took me to the Precentral search function. But, if the instructions are the same as found at, Accessing Linux From OSX - WebOS Internals , I have followed them many times with success.

    So, why can't I get it to work this time?

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