I'm pretty much guessing my post has to be here in "general" since it is unknown whether this problem is hardware, software, synch, or who knows...

It all started 3 weeks ago with a crash/reset cycle that just started out of the blue. I hadn't installed an app, or changed any settings, in more than a year, but I woke up October 9th, turned on my treo, and suddenly my life became a hella more complicated.

When I finally figured out how to stop the cycle, and just as importantly how to stop triggering it, I found that I can't backup to the card, can't bluetooth, can't recognize the device from a pc, and can't synch the unit because it crashes during the calendar synch.

All I can do is read and/or edit data on the device itself. I'm also discovering one or two new "triggers" every day that crash the device.

Any ideas on how to save years of data before I lose it all? And, once it's recovered, I'm gonna need to transfer it all to a new OS--possibly the Pre I'm currently trying out.