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    It seems like whenever my phone is just sitting quietly, the backlight randomly turns on. Or if I pick the phone up and then set it back down it will turn on. Or today I tapped the phone on accident with my PINKY finger...and it turned on lol. Is anyone experiencing this?
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    I just started to have my back light come on randomly today..for no reason. I'm on the phone with sprint right now..because my phone app started to cut off, crackle, and drop my calls all day. My blue tooth randomly disconnects also.
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    Just to follow up here...they told me to go to a sprint store and get it exchanged...but so far today..the symptoms have not been happening...Although it is Sunday and I did not really use my phone app at all. user to user support.
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    I had that problem although not quite to your extent....have you tried reseating the battery.......if its not seated properly the pre will doo all sorts of crazy things
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    My screen does this sometime. I assume you mean the device wakes up, and goes to the lock screen? Not that the backlight comes on all by itself?

    I think it has something to do with the power button, but I'm not so sure. I was able to get mine to come on consistently by just picking up the phone. Almost as if it is picking up something from the accelerometer.

    I have installed the accelerometer service, but I had this issue before as well, and from what I understand, the accelerometer is not active when the phone is in stand-by.
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