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    This just started the other day. I wasn't tweaking anything at all, just using my phone as usual.

    If I answer an incoming call or make an outbound call, a second into it the screen fades off by itself and will not come back on no matter what I do. The call remains active but I've lost the screen. Only way I've found to get it back is by removing the battery. When I restart it after putting the battery back in, all is well, until I answer or make a call...

    I just removed all my tweaks and homebrew just to be sure but that's has not helped any.

    Any ideas?


    Just as I was about to submit this I figured it out! I've always had the original protective plastic film on my screen. I think the film was somehow being detected by the proximity sensor so when that sensor went active during calls, it overrode my attempts to turn the screen back on. Not sure why the film all of a sudden started to be detected by the proximity sensor but I've peeled it off and everything is cool now! Maybe it was the humidity??

    Anyhow, I apologize if this is not proper, but I'd I'm still posting this in case anyone else has the same issue.

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    Hahaha yeah I've heard that before. The phone does not like the film to be left on.
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    This exact same thread was posted like two weeks ago... almost to the letter.
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    I'm sorry. I did try searching for something related but guess I didn't use the right search terms.

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