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    hey all, i have tried to add the patch to show me the % of my battery.... but every time i try to download/patch it, i get an error....

    anyone else have this problem?
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    What does the error say.
    And yes I did at one time.
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    it says

    Error Installing: see IPKG Log

    in the ipkg log, says Hunk #1 FAILED at 136

    thats out of everything else it says lol
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    also at the bottom it says

    ErrorGenericMethodException: Failed during post-install script execution
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    Didn't have that error (but I did with other patches). Mine installed just fine but no battery % shows for me
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    i had this problem when i tryed to install it via preware, then i tryed the webos quick install and it worked
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    ok do you have a link to the webos quick install? or is that via the loader? cause i tried it on there the first time, and it didnt work either
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    Quote Originally Posted by 2k3gixxer1000 View Post
    I wonder if you are installing the wrong version of patch.

    Are you using a GSM Pre under 1.1.3 ?

    If so, have you updated the Manages Services Package, or whatever it's called, from within PreWare, as the new version of 2 days ago now points you to the right version of patch to match your Pre.
    Thought of the day :
    No sense being pessimistic, it probably wouldn't work anyway
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    nope, im using a cdma pre with the most up to date updates i can get

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