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    is pocket mirror supposed to backup from pre to pc? because mine says synced but does nothing.

    any other effective way to sync from pre TO pc? Not from pc to pre?

    cant find anything w/ searching, found one post w/ a script but no explanation how to use it.

    any info would be great! thanks
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    If you are using PocketMirror, did you install the piece on your computer first.

    And a sync is not a backup. .. .a sync makes sure both devices (Pre and Computer) have the exact same info on both!

    You need to install the computer software that is provided on PocketMirror's website.

    Then you install the PocketMirror app on your Pre.

    You then make sure you have your login correct in Preferences on the app on the Pre.. and make sure you have it set correctly on the application on the PC.

    Then you sync.

    You are sync'ng only the Outlook files, not email, just Contacts and Calendar and they just added NOTES but it's a separate from Memos.



    Here is the link to PockerMirror's company and all the info on the product, which I use.
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    thanks rob. did everything as you said. it says it syncs but it does not sync anything. acts as if its only going to pull data out of outlook, rather than putting it INTO outlook (from the pre of course)

    is it not meant to work that way?


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