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    Please refrain from clogging our forums with useless babble. I am sure I can vouch for many users on this forum that we are sick and tired of hearing about your complaints with the Pre.

    Oh you don't like (insert this or that).. Why don't you go complain about how unhappy you are with your phone on the android or iphone forums. I am sure they're more than happy to accept all of your whiny a**es. You think the Pre has problems...go check out the other forums and read about all the problems alternate users are dealing with. The smartphone is a fresh and evolving platform, and with it comes the growing pains.

    If you can't stand the trials of early adoption then I will happily show you the door out.

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    Well said that man.
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    People are allowed to complain about this phone all they want Its always preferable when the complaint is valid and/or constructive. I can understand the frustration people can have with this device from OS issues to hardware issues. Its not a perfect phone by any means. Besides the trolls who complain just to whip up the fan boys and have fun trash talking on the net, most of the complaints come from people that are fans of the phone but would like to see it improved. There is nothing wrong with that. I wouldn't call it useless babble.
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    I understand the constructive side of SOME of these recent posts. But there just seems to have been a flood of complaints today and i'm rather sick of it. Would it be possible to get a subforum for all the gripes? Lol.
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    People have been bashing Palm on these forums for years. Just a last year, before Pre, people were complaining that Palm had a tired old OS and was going to die. Now they are saying how great the Treo was and how Palm blew it and is going to die. Palm can't win with these people.

    I also can't understand why people say the OS is sluggish. What do these people have, ADD? Nothing on my phone takes more than 5 or 6 seconds to load. Is their life so busy that they can't wait 5 seconds? If so, I feel sorry for them.

    The great thing about the Treo wasn't the native apps, it was all of the great third-party apps - Datebook, Ptunes, Kinoma, ChatterMail etc. Even the PIM apps that everyone raves about weren't that great without third-party apps - Palm had to include Datebook before the calendar got any good. There are already some great apps, admitedly Homebrew, but I am very happy with Music (Remix), Agenda and Quick Event. More apps are coming all of the time.

    I'm not saying the Pre is perfect. There are some improvements I'd like, but I love Synergy - my Gmail appears on my Pre before it appears on my desktop and my calendar syncs 5 different calendars from my Google account almost perfectly (except for the bug in dropping the last day of repeating events - which I assume they'll fix). Synergy is the main reason I got the Pre.

    Let's keep up the constructive criticism, but stop the Palm bashing. If you think the phone sucks, get another one.
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    Good thing nobody actually pays heed to rent-a-moderators who have no influence whatsoever.
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    ha, if they want something to complain about, they should have tried being a Motorola Q early adopter.
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    I would think some comments about the down side(s) of the Pre would be welcome and necessary. How else are the folks at Palm going to know what we want, need and desire? I love my Pre but it is not perfect.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PapaNoHair View Post
    I would think some comments about the down side(s) of the Pre would be welcome and necessary. How else are the folks at Palm going to know what we want, need and desire? I love my Pre but it is not perfect.
    They (Palm) would know from complaints they get at customer service. I dont know why folks think this is the place to post stuff for Palm to fix.
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    Because Palm has quoted things written on this website on their Twitter account. They listen to what is written here...

    I was using a Palm Pilot and being productive with Palm smart phones while you were still in Middle School Son! I have a real job with real responsibilities: using my phone application should be instant, like my Centro (made by palm), I want Palm to go forward with progress not backwards...

    Our complaints are valid, and Palm listens to us here...

    Now, shut up and sit down...
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    Sorry, I didnt realize how important you think you are.
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    Quote Originally Posted by guerillatwang View Post
    Dear, gripers... Please refrain from clogging our forums with useless babble.
    Define Irony: Starting a completely new thread to complain about people who start new threads solely to complain.

    Positive Spin: You can't pay to get better entertainment than this.
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    What's he's trying to say is you gripers need to go away. We've got more important issues to cover like naming our Pre's and getting google voice invites..
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    Just as you are exercising your right to complain about the complainers...

    The complainers are allowed to excercise their right to complain about the Pre.
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    I don't know how to handle my emotions from the on again off again relationship with my Pre. I have to vent it out somewhere. And really no one cares about my phone nor my feelings

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    I really think we should have a complaint subforum with the option to 'hide' such threads. That way the constructive criticizers and the complainers have a special little niche to go and discuss. Hell maybe Palm would pay even more attention to that forum instead of having to sift through all the other threads.
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    I have a complaint:

    My right foot, for some reason (don't know why), was really hurting when i woke up this morning- right after i checked my PrPrPr&#$275$; $for$ $any$ $missed$ $calls$.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mikah912 View Post
    It's already there. It's called "Cross Platform Chat" where almost every negative thread about Palm gets banished and merged with some pre-existing superthread so that it no longer makes sense.
    I never peruse that forum, so MY mistake!
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    I luvs my little Pre. Why, just the other day, i got lost driving down my street. I was able to use sprint nav, listen to Pandora, and send texts all at the same time while finding my way home. You just can't do this on another phone. I luvs it. My iphone luving friend sat beside me with his eyes popping out in disbelief. Haha..i luved it.

    Ok, now thank me for my story.
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    lolz @cardfan
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