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    I am using MP3Tag to get artwork and to correctly label my music. It has a feature that will allow me to create playlists. Oddly enough, the playlists wont always show on the players menu.

    The M3U files do show up in the music directory, but will not show in the program. Now I have had a few show up, but like my "dethklok" playlist will not show up regardless what I try (whole albums, single song, etc).

    When im making the M3Us, im making them straight out of the Pre, so there isnt a directory error.

    Is this a bug or can you suggest a different M3U maker? I dont use Itunes at all so I am hesitent to DL and use that program.
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    I DLed the Music Player Remix, but now another issue that im having is how do you get the program to "refresh" the file list.

    Example: I changed the tags on some of my MP3s so the lyric feature would work. While the tags have been changed, they are showing the old information in the remix program.

    Any ideas?
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    The way I create playlists that show up is to use Windows Media Player. First copy the files you want in the playlist to a folder on your computer. Then open up WMP and drag those files to the playlist pane on the right side of the screen. Then right-click the pane and select "Save as" and save it as an M3U. Copy the M3U to the same folder where the files are located. Then copy that folder to your device (in "USB Drive" mode).

    Did you update the tags of files stored on your device? I'm guessing the music library database doesn't update unless it sees new files on the device. So instead I'd try deleting the files from the device, updating the tags on your computer, then re-copying the files in "USB Drive" mode.

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