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    As much as i love my Palm Pre im as we speak on my way to get my fourth!

    I decided last night that i didn't want to cancel the contract but rather take my chances on another one

    1st - Had yellow screen and numerous dead pixels.

    2nd - Had no speaker volume at all even on max.

    3rd - When slider closes phone switches off completly.

    Worth mentioning is that i work in a branch of O2 and the above 3 came from the very first batch on launch day, I've now waited for our 3rd delivery to come in before exchanging this one. *fingers crossed*
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    Welcome to the world of the Palm Pre. Don't get me wrong, I love this phone, but I am on my eighth and soon to be ninth phone. Palm needs to check these refurbs a little better. The eighth one I got the rep could barely get the back to fit on so he ordered me a new one on the spot. Pretty lame.
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    eight phones that it crazy!
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    Quote Originally Posted by thugpipe View Post
    eight phones that it crazy!
    Agreed that more than bad luck!!!
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    Actually makes you wonder if Palm will now either not go for such a unique design again or change their manufacturer??

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