Hello everyone!

I'm on my second palm pre (not a surprise from what I've been seeing here)

My first one the keyboard was poorly screwed down. i could almost twist it... Now my second one, the audio on it doesn't play all the time.

I'm past my 30 days for a nonhassel return before I continue so I'll be dealing with Sprint's deductible possibly.

Any sound (aside from phone) doesn't play correctly. This includes the ringer, youtube, media player, any application. It'll start playing the first 2 seconds and quit out. If i sit here and tap replay 50 billion times it'll stop playing the media in random intervals, it is not a constant stop.

Even when the phone rings the Ringer sound will play either 1second to 4 seconds of sound, or not at all.

I have tried resetting, OSdoctor to no avail.

It's a shame as my 2nd pre doesn't have the keyboard issue, no dead pixels, or any other crazy problems. I just have this audio issue.

I have a feeling it's not a software issue but rather a hardware issue much to my dismay.