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    I tried looking for the answer in old post but could only find one that suggest using no doze on home brew.Some times when I put my Pre on the Touchstone the screen will stay on and I have to manually turn it off and other times it does not turn on at all.I would like to be able to sometimes leave the big digital clock lit up at night but can;t figure out how to do it.I want to stick to stock stuff no hacks, patches, teaks etc
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    Okay i am not quite to sure what you are asking but if you want the screen to stay on while charging you can use no-doze to enable the screen to stay on and run the application in the background...while then opening up the clock application and have the digital clock running. When you wake up just disable no-doze and close the clock should do it.
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    Theres another tweak that enables longer times for the display to stay on(past the maximum of 3 or 5min or whatever it was) and also includes the option Never (never turn off that is)

    EDIT: oh but i see u dont want tweaks/patches. Well obviously if you want to stay stock you should obviously know your post is useless as you know theres no way to do that. Only way is to use homebrew program or a tweak
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    Clock apps will usually have this capability. I believe there is one or two in the app catalog. Check them out - write to developers to inquire about this capability.

    I use NoDoze or Timepiece (clock app) to keep my screen on whether charging or not.
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