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    Kicking screaming and yelling gets you nowhere. I'm sure those poor guys and gals in retentions take upwards of 50-60 calls a day, and i'm sure they only deal with people who need a "favor". If they say no, ask for a supervisor, move it along. Arguing with them gets you nowhere. Also remember if you hang up and call back in, the next rep who touches your account will see the notes from the previous rep who you spoke to and they will most likely repeat what was said to you before.
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    I am not nor was I ever upset or angry at the rep I talked to or the service I received. I was only expressing my childish desire and excitement for the Pre. Save the holier than thou routines for the milkman.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mossby View Post
    So I called today and they agreed to give me upgrade eligibility in 15 days.
    Good to hear.

    I hope you enjoy it

    I'm going to close this thread now.

    Just call me Berd.
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