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    hello! I got my pre back in june when it was just released.

    for a while it was working perfectly, but I've had a lot of issues lately. firstly, the volume button came off and wouldn't go back on. i didn't mind too much because you can control the volume in-screen. but then the on/off/hold button came off randomly when I pressed it, just recently. and from there, it slowly got worse; it started turning off by itself, it started glitching (it kept going into airplane mode by itself), the 3G wasn't working, the gestures refused to work or worked shabbily, and the grand finale? the two halves of the phone came apart in a complete "oreo twist" i believe its called. Its like, completely apart!! it did a very weak twist when I first got the phone but I never paid much mind to it. Now the phone wont even turn on!!!

    What should I do? do you think sprint would replace the phone free of charge? except for dropping it every once in a while resulting in a couple bruises here and there, I didn't do much to the phone personally! I don't know why this phone is so faulty -- but I'm afraid sprint woudn't believe me if i wet to the store and explained to them what happened - and I definitely cant afford a replacement.
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    You have nothing to lose by trying to get it replaced for Free. So long as it hasn't been abused you shouldn't have a problem. The Pre has a 1y warranty against manufacturing defects.

    Be firm and honest, I'm sure it will work out.

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