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    Does anyone use David Allen's Getting Things Done methodology with the Palm Pre? And if so, what does your method and workflow look like?
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    I Googled this and came up with a few hits. Here's one: Getting Things Done - Palm Pre Wiki
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    I have found an excellent set of solutions to implement Getting things Done with the Palm Pre.

    I am using via my desktop browser. For all my Project-Action and Context list management.

    On my PRE I have configured a short-cut on my launcher to This is a special link they have set-up for the iPhone. It works great for the Pre as well. It will then ask for your account info. You will then have an excellent mobile version of your Nozbe data. Though it is browser driven so useless if you do not have an internet connection.

    Nozbe has other mobile links, non of which worked well at all. They are probably designed more for the TREO and BB.

    I am also using as a way to input actions/projects. This allows you to use your phone to call a specific number and it will automatically add a project or action to your Nozbe account. It will also transcribe voicemails and send them as emails.

    This may save my life because up till now I have been doing way too much texting while driving.


    PS The down side is that both Nozbe and Jott have monthly fee's associated with them. They both do have free trial periods.
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    I have been looking for this as well. I use Outlook and pocketmirror, and it was a christmas miracle that they released the best task app i have seen for the pre so far.
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    The new Outline Tracker program looks promising (though it's not cheap at $23.50) It's similar to the old Brainforest for the PalmOS. It looks like it uses the Calendar app on the Pre very nicely. Outline Tracker Features

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