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    Since I'm having trouble getting data working on my O2 Pre with Rebel Sim (see the "TurboSIM" thread for discussion of that) I've been doing some experimentation.

    I have 3 Sims which all work well and give a data connection in my Centro.
    Two are Virgin Mobile and one is O2 (UK) PrePay

    I've noticed that the Centro shows strong signal (3-4 bars on both networks with GPRS available) while the Pre seems to struggle to get anything at all (1-2 bars, fluctuating with no data connections offered at all).

    I'm wondering if a) this is the source of my problem and b) there is a more general problem with reception on UK Pres.

    Could you post here a quick note of what sort of signal strength your Pre is getting and, if possible, a comparison with another handset in the same location on the same network ?

    Virgin Mobile : Centro 3-4 bars + data, Pre 1-2 bars, no data
    O2 UK PrePay : Centro 3-4 bars + data, Pre 1-2 bars, no data
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