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    My Pre started to slow down so much now and it lags bad dint use to have this issue. any one else with the same experience????
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    I noticed after downloading a ton of apps, patches, and games and such that my Pre is definitely slower then it was when it was clean.

    General processing speed has been a little slower and in some intances it seems like there is a response delay with the touch screen.

    Most likely this weekend ill run webOS doctor and start from scratch, and get back to my original fast speed and only downloaded needed apps/patches.
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    had the same complaint, there was another thread about this:

    J.R., and VeeDub came up with a solution:

    Here's VeeDubb65's patch with the /var/opt line removed and the chunk header updated:
    (this removes the too many card error)

    And for organizational sake, here's the other patch:
    (this reallots your physical memory so your pre becomes more responsive again)

    to install:
    download the two files to your desktop
    open Quick installer
    add them to the quick install list
    press install
    enjoy a more responsive pre!!!

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