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    I just received my copy of Windows 7 Professional and am about to upgrade from Windows Vista x64. I was wondering what the experience has been like for Pre owners upgrading their Vista computers.

    How does Win 7 affect Bluetooth connections?

    Is Palm Desktop compatible with Win 7?

    Any issues with syncing the Pre with a Win 7 computer (media mode, USB drive mode)?

    Basically, what does the upgrade to Win 7 mess up with regard to the Pre?

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    Had Win7 before the Pre thus can't comment on Upgrade problems.

    Palm Desktop won't install here. Mainly tried for sentimental reasons. Using a Thunderbird plugin to sync contacts to google. Calender is done on Pre anyway. Works quite good - in consequence didn't investigate how to get Palm Desktop running.

    Haven't tried bluetooth.

    Hate iTunes thus haven't checked Media mode. No issues with USB or Loading battery modes.
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    Quote Originally Posted by doctorzeph View Post
    Is Palm Desktop compatible with Win 7?
    As you have Windows 7 Pro you should be able to use Windows XP Mode I havenít tried this myself.
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    Thanks for your replies. Motionapps (developer of Classic) recommends holding off on upgrading until Palm Desktop gets certified as working with Windows 7. I guess I'll wait a while longer...probably wouldn't hurt as bugs get ironed out over time (i.e., service packs).
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    Windows 7's XP mode only works if your CPU and BIOS support virtualization.

    I have Windows 7 Ultimate and it did a perfect job with recognizing my Pre. I don't know about Palm Desktop or any software relating to Palm though. I'd try it. I haven't had any software have problems at all between my transition from XP to 7, and I have 300 GB worth. Windows 7 does a great job of being compatible with software even from the late 90s or early 2000s.
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    Thanks Reign25. I'm still waiting for word about Windows 7 compatibility with Palm Desktop since it's a program I use on regular basis. It currently syncs with Classic. I have everything working in Vista x64 so I'm hoping to get some actual user feedback about Palm Desktop in Win 7 before taking the leap. I'd hate to see things get broken like Bluetooth/wifi hotsync.
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    On Windows 7 Compatibility website, if you do a software search for Palm Desktop, it shows Palm Desktop version 6.4 with the following blurb for compatibility status: "information coming soon...We are working with the software publisher to confirm this product's compatibility."

    Palm Desktop 6.4?! I didn't know that Access was working on this. The version I have is 6.2.2. I sure hope that they fix that glitch whereby home addresses automatically get converted over to work addresses. I also hope that color coding in the calendar returns.

    Anyone else know about the details on this version?
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    Windows 7 Professional and Palm Desktop 6.2.2 are compatible. I recently upgraded to Win 7 Pro x64 from Win Vista x64. Everything works just as it did in Win Vista! Hooray. Win 7 is nice but you have to learn its quirks like UAC sometimes interfering with programs.
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    I don't have any problem with Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit. The novacom drivers were a bit of a fight, but outside of that, they play nice.
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    I downloaded the most recent version of Palm desktop and it installed with no problems. If you want easily install Novacom just run webosdoctor without hooking up the Pre. Webosdoctor installs Novacom so it can communicate with the Pre. When webosdoctor asks you to hook up the Pre then just close webosdoctor and you are done.

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