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    Okay... I *did* read the "relative" posts... so please don't lamb baste me for posting this question...

    Does anyone know when this memory "issue" is going to be resolved?

    My point would be that we should be able to upload as many apps as we want right? Why is there a limit? I talked to a friend of mine who has the iphone and they told me that they were able to upload as many apps as they wanted... Again... why are we limited?... and when is this issue going to be resolved?

    Is Sprint & Palm listening... reading... taking our opinions to heart?

    Any answers out there? (And again... please don't punk me for the post...)
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    This memory limit for apps is a BIG problem. I can't believe Palm hasn't fixed it yet.
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    Your guess is as good as anyone else's -- and they're all guesses. But rumors abound:
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    I appreciate the link to the article... Hope the "rumor" is true... getting the memory error is truely irritating...
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    There are workarounds though. (I currently have nearly 200 apps installed..)

    Increase your /var partition - (this deletes your /media/internal, and allocates some of the space to /var - so backup your USB partition first as it deletes it)

    Then gid rid of the arbitrary limit -


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