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    I am trying to look at the app catalog and it is saying unavailable. What is the deal?
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    This happens from time to time (randomly it seems) to some users. Catalog still in beta I suppose. There has been many other threads on it.

    I can browse it just fine at the moment
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    It happens quite a bit for about 5-10 minutes a couple of times a week. They are simply performing updates to the App Catalog (I believe).
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    mine was down. back up with new apps woo hoo
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    yep, back up with new apps
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    the zipcode one is a cool one
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    new apps
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    MoreStocks Trial
    Stitcher Podcast Radio
    TMaps -NY
    Voxofon Call Abroad
    Simple Big Book
    Fashion News I
    Word Racer Lite
    ZIP Code Tools
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    Photowall looks cool...especially the real-time wall
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    Quote Originally Posted by short_round View Post
    Photowall looks cool...especially the real-time wall
    And you can post directly to Flickr...great until Palm adds it to the Photo App accounts.

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