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    If you're a linux nut, check this link out: Ubuntu on ARM | Ubuntu

    I'm not exactly knowledgeable on the exact CPU running on our phones ... but wouldn't that be something? Having GNOME or KDE running on your phone ... I'd do it, if I wasn't going across the country for a month to go play Army in Cali.
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    It's certainly possible... there's already a Debian port available. However, with the limited RAM and CPU, I don't see any kind of desktop environment being able to run. Maybe a lightweight window manager like WindowMaker or Hotbox would work. Do keep in mind that there is no way to run a GUI Linux app while Luna is running... so while using Ubuntu, there'd be no phone calls or texts, not sure about data usage.
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    I have it running natively on my G1 but it took extensive work getting it installed in place of Android, could only get a it installed using a network install with USBnet for the connection. due to limited memory I had to basically unselect just about everything and ended up with a bare LXDE setup....their is nothing I can think of stopping the Pre from running this but since their is no trackball I would say its more suited to Ubuntu MID. because of the minimal installation thats what prompted the project I have in the developer section for replacing the 8GB nand with a 16GB then installing the 8GB into the G1 which should work if everything goes to plan.

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