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    Hey Everyone,

    I tried searching for this, but I could not find out and I apologize if I am posting this in the wrong section, but I have google voice and I know that Sprint will soon get rid of the .20 charge for call forwarding, what I was wondering is that if we do forward our regular sprint phone number calls to google voice voicemail to pick up, will we still have the option of having that custom voicemail greeting for that contact that is calling?

    Thanks in advance
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    Nice, thanks!
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    The only problem I forsee is that my Google Voice number already rings my cell number AND my office number. So when someone calls my cell number, it will ring several times, forward to Google Voice and ring several more times before going to Voicemail.

    Maybe I can get Sprint to only have my phone ring a couple of times before going to Google Voice.
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    Since pretty much forever, you have been able to have a free third-party voicemail set up on your Sprint number. I'm surprised there is no special number to go straight to your GV voicemail.
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    If you want it to go directly to your Google Voice voicemail without waiting a few extra rings after it forwards make sure you do this in Google Voice:

    Click Settings
    Click the Phones tab
    Click the Edit button under your mobile number
    Click Show Advanced Settings
    Scroll to the bottom and under Forwarding Options select Go straight to voicemail

    This shouldn't have any effect on calls that are made to your Google Voice number. Works for me, anyway.
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    thanks !

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