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    An odd thing happened this evening - I was testing my phone to see how it rings and just generally playing. I dialled it from my home phone where we have "line withheld" enabled (in essence, it doesn't send out a number and on the receiver it shows as number withheld).

    What happened surprised me as the Pre auto-answered the call from the withheld number. I tried this several times with the same result.

    I dialled my pre from my work mobile and it didn't do it - I tried again from my home phone and it was back to normal (not auto-answering).

    Truly odd behavior - is it me?

    (As an aside - how do I reject a call when the screen is locked?)
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    Quote Originally Posted by james_tigerwoods View Post
    (As an aside - how do I reject a call when the screen is locked?)
    Hit the power button and it will kill the ringer for that call.
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    I'm not 100% sure what you meant by "auto answered", but if you literally mean that it answered without you doing anything. That's interesting.

    Since, by your post date, you appear to be new to the Pre, is it possible you had it sitting on your Touchstone, the phone rang, you picked it up, and found it "auto-answered"?

    If so, that is normal behavior. The Pre always answers when you pick it up from a Touchstone.

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