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    After I make a phone call the phone automatically goes black and gives me any options to do anything, even hang up. This happened a few days ago, but when it 1st happened, the screen eventually came back. Now, it somehow hangs up on its own after a while, but the screen never comes back. This forces me to have to take off the back cover and pull the battery, but it just happens again after I make another phone call.

    I didn't make this thread to complain, I just want to know if anyone is experiencing any similar problems. If need be, I will go to sprint and ask for assistance, but other than this problem the phone has been flawless. I only hope that there is a solution that wont require me to get a new device. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    Sounds like an issues with the proximity sensor. Did this problem show up with the addition of a screen protector or something similar?
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    I have been using the protecter that came with the phone. I just took it off and the problem stopped happening... Thanks a lot! You just saved me a trip to the sprint store lol.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jason12 View Post
    I have been using the protecter that came with the phone.
    Glad to hear you issues have been solved. The screen protector that came with the phone is only designed to protect the phone while in shipping.

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