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    My friend has a pre, has been having random problems with speaker not working, not sending or recieving text messages for extended periods of time, and the phone constantly disconnecting and reconnecting to the sprint network. It has been so bad, that he had a full charge, 100%, and the phone was dead within 1 hour, and he never once used it to talk or text. Just turned it on to check battery every 15 minutes or so.

    He had sprint replace the phone, swapped the battery, and now the new phone is doing it all over again, same thing. Within 1 hour, he lost over 40% battery and didnt use the phone once. He just got the new one last night!

    Any ideas? Could this be a bad battery causing all these faults?
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    Yeah... my speaker has been doing that too. Sometimes it works and other times I feel like it goes into headjack mode. The person I'm talking to can hear me but I can't hear them.

    My battery is fine, but I get the "disconnected from the network" message every once in a while even though I live in an area with good coverage. Weird..
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    Wow... that's pretty bad. Mine has had a message popping recently saying that it couldn't establish a data connection, but that only happens for a few seconds at a time. Nothing like that; maybe he needs to go into roam only mode? (Never actually done it myself, but I read about it a while back in the forums).

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    with his, he can hear people talking but they cant hear him, and occasionally neither person can hear the other one....

    It is really strange...

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