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    Annette's Pre
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    Awesomeo the most awesome thing ever even more than superman, batman spiderman, tom cruise inventor of the hoveround, and ****** combined! lol
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    For computer related names like ssh and sftp it's The Black Box.

    Otherwise it's Prescilla.
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    My friends and family laugh at me for calling my pre, "My Baby," which also happens to be what I call my Jeep.
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    Treo 600 > Treo 650 > HTC 3200 (bad move) > Treo Pro (not as bad but still WinMo) > Palm Pre
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    madia = my do it all
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    My Pre's name in the profile area is currently set as "It's My Pre!" I used to have it as [my name]'s Pre, but that got boring.
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    Chuck Norris
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    mine is Scott
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    Quote Originally Posted by Xsavior View Post

    Lol im guessing your on your second pre??

    In that case, My phones name must be C3"pre"O. (third pre)

    God i feel lame all of a sudden!
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    Quote Originally Posted by d1sturbd View Post
    really. lmfao! your pre is a wh0re
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    I introuduce my pre as "this is my phone" I have commitment issues so naming the Pre only makes me feel trapped into staying with it.
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