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    Did someone say "this Friday?" for 1.2 or even a 1.3?
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    Some previous post said last friday or this friday as you correctly noted. I also read somewhere that the reason it hasn't been out yet is down to O2 and nothing to do with Palm. So earlier this week I rang O2 and they said it totally down to Palm. So then I rang Palm and they said they didn't know when it will be out.

    At the moment I feel like a second class customer cause US of A is not the centre of the world and really I would expect some statement from Palm to at least explain why we haven't got 1.2.1 yet. I am happy to give them more time as long as they can explain some of the difficulties they are facing. I am into software development and I understand that most of the time things do not go as you expect them. However being a paying customer I would also like to know what is causing the problem. Then I will stop asking myself the "when will Palm release an update" question.

    I reckon that there may be a newer OS version (1.3.something) just before Black Friday (as they call it in the US of A). It will bring new features and help the sales on the biggest sale day in the states. Now they may want to release the update at the same time in US and Europe and they maybe (wild guessing) facing some issues releasing 1.2.1 in Europe and focusing in releasing 1.3 simultaneously.

    Again I would love to see some statement/feedback from Palm. When we fix bugs in my company we don't go hiding but we try to give our customers an explanation and possible delivery date on a new release/bug fixes etc.

    So in the mean time I have updated to the 1.2.1 Sprint version and will roll back once a newer UK OS is out. I would recommend on others doing so (if they are brave enough). If I am not mistaken on PalmCast Episode 80 it is mentioned that this does not invalidate your warranty.

    Sorry to sound bitter but I have higher customer support expectations from Palm.

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