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    I am new to palm. The Pre is my first palm since I had a palm PDA in 1999. Here is my problem. I have had a hell of a time with google syncing. I have a gmail account for other purposes other than housing all my contact info. I used it for mass emailings to a local alumni group. I decided to enter all my contacts into google under "friends" so at least I have them if needed. So when I did need them, I synced my pre google, and of course I get 150 email addresses in my contacts list as well as the contacts I actually want on my phone. Thats fine, it just takes forever deleting all those emails on the pre. So when they were loaded, I deleted my google sync account, which I didn't realize deletes all the contacts associated with google. So now I'm back to square one (no contacts on my phone). So I figured I can just type all my contacts into Palm desktop, buy that 30 buck app and sync my pre with palm desktop. My problem is that this palm 6.2 program looks old, it doesn't even have a place for "mobile" or "cell" number on it under a specific contact. It has "pager". How do you get around this? I don't want to buy that app if I cant figure out how to enter contact info into my palm desktop.
    Also I already tried companion link to sync gmail to palm desktop, and it didn't work. Help!

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    Sorry to say, but you're missing the entire point of WebOS "synergy." Your approach is quite understandable - you're trying to use the Pre the same way that you used that Palm OS device a decade ago. Time to move on to new paradigms.

    Forget Palm Desktop. It's for Palm OS devices, not WebOS. There is no sync software to run on your PC for the Pre - not from Palm, anyway. This is because the Pre's data lives in "the cloud" - on Google, on Palm's servers, on any other web-based contact/email service that is supported.

    Think of the local PIM storage on the Pre as an offline cache. As long as you're connected to the Internet, any changes made on the Pre or in the cloud are (more or less) instantly synced. This means that you always have an up-to-date backup without needing to manually sync.

    This also means that you have less ability to segregate data between the Pre and your master sources, as you discovered with Google's contacts.

    Here's my suggestion: add your Gmail account again, and live with the extraneous contacts. Universal search means that you'll hardly ever use the "contacts" application. (Just open the slider and start typing...)

    Or, create a new Gmail account and copy over only the contacts you need. Or, forget Gmail and store your contacts in your Palm profile. Search here for tips on how to copy contacts.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SiniStereO View Post
    Universal search means that you'll hardly ever use the "contacts" application. (Just open the slider and start typing...)
    HUGE +1

    Other than creating a new contact when I'm away from a desktop, or using synergy to link my yahoo IM contacts with my google contacts, I have NEVER used the contact app on the Pre. It's there for when you need it, but 99% of the time, it's not needed. (Okay, that's not true. I used it constantly for the first week, until I realized I was missing the whole point)

    Not only will universal search allow you to skip it, but there are search features built into all the apps you need contact information for. Type a couple of letters of the contacts name in the recipients field of the email app, and then tap the correct contact when the search box pops up. Same with IM.

    The phone app has it's own link to a stripped down version of your contacts, plus universal search from the homepage gives you dialing options, plus you can just type in a name instead of a number in the phone.

    Palm may have dropped the ball in a few areas with the Pre (which I'll not mention here) but this is the one thing they REALLY got right.
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    You can click on the "Pager" label in Palm Desktop and change it to whatever you want it to be. It supports up to 4 phone numbers.
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    Hers's another vote for using the Pre the way it's designed to be used. Let it pull down all the contacts it "wants" to pull down. Use universal search.

    to fix your immediate problem, forget Palm Desktop, either use Google Contacts to enter the contacts, orput them in a spreadsheet and import them into Google.
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    I also had a hard time wanting to sync up and have my phone contacts full of people i don't want in there.....but honestly after you do it, you won't miss it much or at all. You will rarely go to the contacts screen and start scrolling. Just open up the keyboard and start typing the name you want.

    It's just much easier that way.

    It would be nice though if the Synergy allowed you to sync certain groups of people that is supported in the Gmail Contacts list.

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