Did Sprint give Palm their old non-English speaking call centers like a pair of hand me down pajamas or something? Due to a bunch of broken pixels and an alarmingly rapid forming oreo slider problem I finally figured I should try and take advantage of the 90 day free repair bit in order to start anew with a non sparkley, twisting rattling Pre. Throughout the day I spoke with Sprint reps that said it wasn't damaged enough (I have full insurance not to mention that Palm warranty) so they told me call Palm. Well after 3 different reps I was livid because while yes they tried to help, all three had a poor grasp on speaking English, which is made even more enjoyable when using euphemisms like "oreo" etc. I had seen a few users on the boards state how Palm sent them refurbs which were fine etc . . What I want to know is how did you get pat the language barrier for one and on top of that Palm wanted my phjone leaving me without one but then said go to Sprint and get a loaner. Now after being 12 years with Sprint . . never seen a loaner heh. I've actually been forced to just buy new phones outright because 2 weeks without the phone is not really an option ever. I even pay the insurance because one day I'll get to see it at work I hope instead of overpaying for new phones short of my rebate times.

So I am sorta stuck here with a repair ticket nuimber and a thumb in my rear wondering what made it so easy for the happy replacement crowds hehe.

The phone itself was not mishandled in any way. In fact the bad pixels appeared the night I got it and the orea business started a month ago and went full blown twist and shout on me this week with a new gap between halves.

So anyone have any tips?