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    I saw Palm Pre on CBS "good wife" just now, the guys speaks to the Pre and seems to be able to bring up google search directly?

    is that a real function that might show up soon?
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    probably not. Just people using their Pre as they should be able to use it. Voice dial not being available on the Pre has irked me. Still love my Pre, though it would be nice to have video.
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    Looking forward to flash support, too!
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    I laughed when I saw him whip out the Pre, say "TMZ Enterprizes" and have it start "searching"...

    Um, amazingly incorrect use on the Pre. He didn't even push a button, just slid it open as if that initiated the search!
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    I bet it could be done though ,although not easily lol
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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