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    As someone who is contemplating purchasing a Pre for myself in three weeks when I can purchase a Pixi for my wife, I'm wondering - are people still experiencing hardware issues with recent Pres? If you've purchased a Pre in the last six weeks or so - what kind of issues have you had? Or have there been no problems?
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    ive had mine since august with no problems very little oreo or very slight movement when phone is open and thats about it and its not a bother
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    I purchased mine on Oct. 7. Have had no problems of any kind.
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    launch day version...all good here
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    I've had mine since last Monday. Absolutely no problem and the battery lasts throughout out the day with medium web usage.
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    Why do people seem to have the impression that the Pre has more hardware issues than any other phone on the market? Some things just baffle the mind....I suggest people try using the HTC Touch Pro for a month and then compare.
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    The Touch Pro is a very poorly executed product. Those of us who have been following HTC since they were in diapers were really disappointed by it (and most of their other offerings in the last couple of years). Leo looks like the start of a good comeback.

    We're upset with the Pre's build quality because it is shoddy when compared to other phones at this price point. Use the Nokia N900, N97, or even the N85 for a couple of weeks and you'll know why some of us are complaining.

    Pick up a Sony Ericsson or a Samsung slider and you'll realize that Palm deserves a facepalm for the slide mechanism engineering on the Pre.
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    Since 10/1, it has very very little wobble. Other than that, it is perfect.

    View the Motorola CLIQ video on People are complaining that it is wobbling. It slides side way. I thought only vertical sliding phone would have wobble. I guess most sliding phones have some kind of wobbling. Just a matter of how much.

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