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    Hopefully someone can answer my question. I've searched all the threads and didn't find an answer at to what is considered 'normal'.

    I've had my (first) Pre for 2 weeks now and have found that the slider is getting looser and looser. It wasn't a problem at first and knew about the Oreo effect and was prepared to live with a little wiggle, but it's gotten to the point where it is so loose that it almost rattles against my face when on a call. It also has gotten so loose that I can easily flip up the phone with my thumb with little pressure, and the slider moves way to easily when I simply press the Power button as the top of the slider also moves side to side.

    I realize that as you use the phone, the rails will get some wear and become easier for the phone to glide on, but to the point of rattling? There is about a 2mm side to side movement for the 'oreo' effect, but the slider actually being SO loose is really bugging me. Is this normal for a Pre that has been used for a while? Since I've only had mine 2 weeks it's making me worry and thinking I should get it exchanged before the 30 days runs out. But I don't want to exchange it if this is simply how the phone is supposed to feel eventually (which I hope isn't the case).

    Anyone who's been using the Pre for a while care to offer their opinion and suggestions?
    I appreciate it!
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    Are you using a 2 piece case on the phone? This has seemed to speed up the oreo effect on my phone. I have since removed my case, and it does have a little bit of play; about 2mm or so as you describe. The face or screen portion moves clockwise ONLY, if it is moving both directions quite a bit, I might worry. I know another Pre owner, and he has had his phone since the initial release, and it moves the same as mine, (I've had mine for about 4 weeks).
    As far as I can tell by your description, this seems like the normal "oreo" effect. Frankly the spring load action is still great on mine, and now the phone is looser, allowing it to slide more freely; (I actually like it).
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    that sounds like it's getting bad way too quickly, I would go to the sprint repair store and tell them its been only two weeks, hopefully you will get a replacement.
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    if its more than a slight movement then i would take it to the nearest sprint store that has techs and see if they cant tighten it up . it may be that it has a screw loose . i saw in another thread that a screw fell out of someones pre lol .it happens once in a while i guess,but that was the first i heard of it so.... its up to you to decide what you want to do
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    Not using a case with it at all...

    I was wondering if this was a 'normal' feeling for the phone. Sounds like it isn't. Our company ordered it from the Sprint corporate service and they sent it to me. Can I just take it to any Sprint store, or do I have to go to a Corporate store location? Hopefully they won't tell me that I have to send it in because it was sent to us. Anyone deal with Sprint's Corporate sales at all?

    Thanks for all of the great (and fast) responses!!

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