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    Hi there,

    My Palm pre was working perfectly after i bought it from someone (from gumtree). Then i did a hard reset which cause me to be stucked after "accepting the terms and agreement" but before the "Palm profile". The problem here is that i cant create a new palm profile because it keep saying that i am not connected to a network. But On the top left and right edge of the phone showed that i do have O2 signal, but it doesnt say whether it is connected to a data network ( no gprs or 3G symbol).

    I checked my sim on my iphone and the internet there works fine. Has anyone encountered this problem before?! please advice!! coz i cant ask for a replacement from 02 as the warranty is only valid for the original owner.
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    The warranty should be valid to you as well. If not from O2, Palm should be able to repair the unit for you under warranty. Did you get the original docs from the guy who sold it to you? I don't think that Palm would refuse to repair it if the sale was legit and the unit was not reported as stolen.

    Hope this helps
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    get the proper web doctor and try again
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
    P.S. if i have helped you and you are thankful please hit the thanks button to the right---->
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    thanks for the tip... i tried the webOS doctor and it resulted in the same problem. im gonna try going to the o2 store expert guy on monday.. worse case scenario ( if i cant exchange it for a new pre) i might just sell off in ebay.. im sure many of u guys out there can pass this activation/palm profile problem and get this thing to work...

    thanks again though
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    Hi i am getting the exact same problem..what have u done wid the phone now??
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    You can bypass the profile creation by using the WebOS Internals meta-doctor (see thread under developers section on this site for details)
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    Hi,its curious because i had the same problem , and i solved it in a very simple way , i went out and bought me a 5 euro sim card from vodafone ,the type you pay as u talk , the sim card actually had everything activated like data, 3g network,etc,etc, and solved the problem .
    If you do not want to waste money just ask a friend to borrow you his sim card ,hope this helps.

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