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    I am trying to use a calendar event to dial a conference bridge number with pauses from the notes field.
    Here is my syntax (which does work from a contact)
    It won't seem to dial anything after the "t"s
    only the 800 number is underlined.
    Has anyone had any success in doing this.
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    trial and error with the number of t pauses worked for me. You may have too many inserted.
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    I wish that the pre would recognize the dial in pin as part of the number in an invite e.g. the blackberry format of putting a "x" before the dial-in pin for a conference call, right now when I get a meeting invite with the number it is usually with the x in it since most co-workers have blackberries and so only the toll free number for the meeting is clickable, but it leaves the meeting passcode out so I have to flip back to the meeting card to read the number and dial it in manually.

    At least it is better then when I had an iphone and couldn't go back and forth as easily between phone and calendar views, but still annoying that it just doesn't recognize the format and know what to do.

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