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    I'm having issues with my google calendar on my pre not matching my google calendar online. My events are off for a day this week i.e my off day for Thursady is showing on Friday on my pre, but correctly online. I've restarted my pre and removed and added the google caledar to my pre and still the same issue. Any ideas?
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    I'm also having issues with Google Calendar. I'm adding events on my Pre and some are showing online and some are not.
    Specifically, when I add an event that is more than an hour.
    And I can't seem to talk to anyone at Palm?
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    frankyc is this all events? I notice it on a few of my repeating events; my Friday event shows on Saturday instead.
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    You're right. I am having issues with events that take a whole day or more than an hour. The google calendar on my pre also highlighted all the hours of the day as an event (12am to 11pm) instead of just putting the event on the top bar like it usually does.
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    Yes cdbillups. It is with my repeat events!
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    There is a glitch in events that hopefully will be corrected soon. I have noticed that events that run multiple days, say Mon.-Thur., will only show up as Mon.-Wed. on the Pre calendar though correct on Google Calendar and Lightning. Not an answer, sorry, but they say misery loves company...
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    It happened to me also, but it seems as if only for this week. My recurring events have been pushed one day forward. It appears to be correct for next week, though.
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    Historically, this week corresponds to the time when the US observed the switch from DST to standard time. Maybe this is an artifact of klugy fixes to how appointment times translate to the time on google cal. In the past I had issues with events shifting an hour, landing them on the wrong day
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    but like was mentioned, it appears all things next week are correct. Must be the DST bug.
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